We recently updated our website with a new section called “Show Some Class”. No pointing fingers or blame here, just trying to help our clients to succeed with their clients.

You can see it front and centre up there on the navigation menu! The idea has been simmering for quite a while, and we finally pulled the trigger on it.

Check out the “Show Some Class” page for some decades-old “new age” ideas on how to show customers and prospects some class and dignity, by using the smallest of gestures!

We might also help you save face in a really awkward situation that you may have created for yourself! It’s better to know than to not know, right?

There’s a link on that page that looks something like this:

Go ahead and click on that banner to see how imprinted Uni-Ball pens are the BEST “pound-for-pound” solution for any business or organization that wants to offer their clients, prospects and customers a “wow” experience!

Uni-Ball Micro roller ball pens and Uni-Ball Fine roller ball pens are the perfect combination of comfort, popularity and value. They certainly beat the cheap and crappy pen that so many of us throw in the garbage upon receiving them.

You might be shocked to know that many of your promotional and marketing dollars are being frivolously wasted by making the wrong decisions on the quality, perceived value and pricing of your promo items, as well as how to leverage them for best return on the dollar.

You simply can’t get that valuable information from a search engine!

We believe that promotional ideas, promotions, marketing, advertising, tracking and results, are all connected to maximize your value and money spent.

Or at least, they should be.

Visit our Show Some Class page for our continuing “out-of-the-box” ideas on promotions and marketing. And don’t miss out on the chance to upgrade your business or organization’s image by ordering your own custom imprinted Uni-Ball pens here!