What are your Artwork Requirements?

Our Graphics Department works with Corel Draw but has the capability of importing or working with various program files. We do require vectorized graphics for most projects (not jpeg, gif or bitmap). There may be Artwork charges if work is required to edit or re-create your artwork to meet our requirements.

What are your normal Delivery Times?

Delivery times depend on the product, production time and your location. Production times on most promotional products are usually 3 to 4 weeks. Rush production services are offered by most of the factories at an extra charge. We also have access to special rush service on certain product lines at no extra cost for those needing faster delivery. Regular production times on our crested apparel products is usually 1 to 2 weeks. We try to accommodate all orders in a timely way.

Are there Minimum Quantities or Less Than Minimum Orders?

In most cases, certain products have a minimum quantity. Please note that less than minimum orders may require additional charges. Full details of all charges will be included in our written proposal prior to production of your order.

Are there any Other Charges?

Orders may require set-up charges such as Artwork, Screen, Imprint or (in apparel orders) an Over-size surcharge or Digitizing charge. There may be shipping charges, depending on your location and requirements. We always include full details of all charges in our written proposal to our client before proceeding with order.

What are Over-runs & Under-runs?

Due to the nature of the Promotional Industry, and according to industry standards, over or under runs of imprinted items may occur on certain products. It is a quality control process where factories will imprint more than the quantity ordered, then discard any items that do not pass inspection. Since all items are custom imprinted with the client’s logo, and do have value and cost, we will invoice for any extra over-runs, or credit for any under-runs. Every effort is made to minimize over or under runs. Some factories will offer exact quantity specifications for a surcharged price, however we often find that this cost is higher than accepting normal over-runs that may occur. Please advise us in writing if you require exact quantity on your project and we will adjust pricing and billing accordingly. All Dapper SAP proposals include clear reference to this industry-wide policy.

What are the Payment Options?

Our terms of payment vary, depending on the client or project. Most online projects require prepayment. Others may be handled with a deposit and balance due prior to shipping. Once a relationship has been established with client, we can offer various terms. Our terms are always included on our written proposal to the client. We do accept Visa, Mastercard, Certified Funds, Paypal and credit-qualified cheques.

What is the best way to Place an Order?

Hey, it’s the 21st Century! Most of our business is now done online via email or thru our website. Click here to visit our Easy Order Page. Of course, we also use the “old fashioned” tools like the phone or fax for customer requests, confirmations or support. Our system and protocol guarantees 100% accuracy in each and every client project. We make it simple and walk you thru the entire order process with extreme care and precision.

If you are an online company only, how will I get my order?

We’ll ship it to you, just like Amazon.com does when you order from them. All orders will be delivered directly to your supplied mailing or shipping address. This will be standard protocol and will be included as part of our confirmation process.

Do you offer commissions on sales or order referrals?

Absolutely! We offer generous cash payments on orders that are directly referred or recommended to us by qualified individuals who register as our valued affiliates. You can make significant cash just by sending us a 1-minute email! Leads that turn into qualified orders will result in YOU getting paid.

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