We’ve been producing top quality lapel pins, embroidered crests, custom medals and emblems for decades. These popular promotional items simply never go out of style!

We’d be happy to quote on your custom lapel pins for your city, town, event, company, club, association, tournament, etc.

Or if you have an event, association, league, competition or tournament, then let us quote on your custom medals or emblems requirements.

We also provide top quality embroidered crests and shoulder flashes for events, police, fire, hospital, municipal, sheriff, security and other uniformed clientele.

Send us your design, logo or message for a prompt custom quotation.

There are many different methods to produce Lapel Pins, Medals, Crests  & Emblems. You don’t have to be an expert to order from Dapper SAP. We’ll guide you through each step of the process so you can confidently order the best solution for your situation.

Tip…If you are fund-raising with lapel pins, be sure to ask for our exclusive Fund-Raising Success Formula, which will show you how to guarantee a risk-free, successful project and maximize the profits for your event, group, school, grad class or charity!