Dapper SAP Pays For Referrals

Dapper SAP Pays For Referrals


We pay YOU for simply sending us referrals, tips or leads that turn into orders!

Dapper SAP’s wide range of products and high quality services are very much in demand, and you can generate a very nice income simply by referring your friends, family, club members, event coordinators, fundraisers, administrators,  business associates or anyone who is looking for promotional ideas, headwear & apparel, cresting, awards and more!

And…We can handle affiliates in all geographic areas of Canada.

For example, if you know of a company, team, school or event that wants jackets, pins, magnets, mugs, promo items, or anything that we provide, simply refer them to us, or us to them…and we pay you a “commission” for the referral when they order something.

Chances are that your area probably has a lot of potential business that you, as local contact, can easily refer to a trusted and valued supplier. At Dapper SAP, we are a well-established company that can handle the entire process from start to finish.

We provide thousands of promotional products, promo apparel & hats, cresting, pins, awards, office signs, industrial tags, nametags and more. So we are pretty diverse in our offers. That means that one simple referral can turn into many orders!

Everything is handled by Dapper SAP and delivery is direct to the client. You simply refer clients to us and we send you a nice commission when we do get an order. Everything is handled online…SIMPLE!

This is a no-brainer for those who might want an extra $500 to $3500 cash (or more!) monthly, with almost zero work…all for just a 1-minute email or phone call.

IMPORTANT: We are NOT looking for you to make sales calls or handle customers or process orders. We simply ask that you recommend us, or send us the lead or contact information of qualified potential clients or prospects that you know or are associated with.

We handle EVERYTHING, and if a sale develops, we send you CASH for your efforts and your support.

Simply email us your contact info & geographic location for now. Send along a brief description of what you are involved in or what kind of leads or referrals you think you can provide.

We’ll contact you with details on our program, and how to get started.

All your information is held in strict confidence.

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