Keep the 2010 Olympic spirit alive with our “Gold Medal Special” for schools!

These are perfect for elementary or secondary school awards and also for recognition of academic achievement or athletic accomplishment.

Create your own Olympic style presentation ceremony to recognize your top students & citizens, 100% attendees, top athletes, best teachers, support staff, parent volunteers and more!

This is a low cost but very effective way to show appreciation for not only students, but for staff, coaches, parents, drivers, volunteers, committee members and others who contribute to the success of your school.

Available in Gold, Silver or Bronze for all levels of achievement.

This is a limited time offer on these high quality medals. But don’t worry! We will accept your orders now for delivery (that’s FREE delivery by ground!) to your school shortly after you send us the list of recipients.

So place your ORDER NOW and get these medals delivered exactly when you want them delivered. Could this be any simpler?

Click Here or on the image below for ordering information.

Gold Medal School Special

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